Can never have enough pics...  :)



I thought I would let you know my veterinarian was totally impressed with Drago! His calm demeanor during the visit was unusual for such a young dog. She also marveled at the binder you made up, and how thorough the binder was with excellent information. She was a German Shepherd breeder her self years ago when her husband was alive. She just validated my selection of Ferguson K9 to acquire an excellent German Shepherd was well worth the wait!


Recommend   Definitely

Satisfaction    Very Satisfied


We drove from PA to Ky to pick up our puppy from Jamie. Her kennels are beautiful, and she puts a ton of time into her puppies with her Bio-Sensor program that produces incredible puppies with rock-solid nerves. Our Karma is probably the steadiest German Shepherd that we have owned. He has been incredibly easy to train, and housebreaking was a breeze. He has a great temperament, is steady, kind, and a joy to have in our home. All of our future dogs will be coming from Ferguson K9! Thanks, Jamie for our Karma!


It's going better than we could have imagined.  I cannot thank you enough. I will never have another Shepherd that isn't from you guys.  We love Deuce, he's perfect. Honestly, could not be happier.


Recommend     Definitely

Satisfaction      Very Satisfied


I just loved all the videos and puppy pictures that I saw on the website. It was a very exciting process waiting to see if I would get Viper, the puppy I selected. Actually my puppy picks went 1,3 and 4.
When it turned out that my husband did not enjoy his surprise birthday present and that the puppy had actually chosen my son Billy as his master, Jamie was very understanding of the situation and allowed the new setup. Viper was renamed Benny and so far has been to the vet?s office for a checkup, attended a family birthday party where he stole the show and is starting his puppy obedience classes on March 23.
He has been welcomed into our family and we are all happy to help out and support him in the years to come. Thank you Ferguson K9 for producing such a terrific dog. He
Loves the snow which is a good thing up here in Canada.

Theresa S...  Canada 

Recommend     Definitely

Satisfaction      Very Satisfied


I am so glad I found Ferguson K9. I was so impressed with their web site and their reviews. I contacted them and Jamie got back to me within minutes, I wasn't expecting that. Jamie stayed in contact with me with updates and anything I needed to know. When I got there to meet my new puppy , I was able to spend as much time as I wanted with him while Jamie and her husband talked with me and answered any questions I had. I was able to see both parents of my puppy. Everything was clean and very professional. When I got there the next day to pick up my puppy everything was ready and she even gave me extra food until I could get the same food he was on. About my puppy, I couldn't be happier, he is very smart and very loving and great with my 4 year old grandson . I have had him 16 days and he knows his name and comes to my whistle. He is just about potty trained and does very well in his crate with no accidents. He is very strong minded and determined, not afraid of anything and is very prey driven. I am more than happy with my new puppy. I think I will be a repeat customer in a year or so.

Rich B...  Pennsylvania

Very Satisfied
We love our little Schatzi Della, she is such a muscular pup and has a very strong personality, she isn't afraid of anyone or anything including our 125 pound Rottweiler, at 12 weeks of age she puts our 4 year old rotti in his place. 
On a side note the kennel was amazingly clean and the whole families love for these pups was clear. I would highly recommend Ferguson K9.  SHERI B....  OHIO
Very Satisfied
As new owners of a German Shepherd puppy we could not be any more satisfied than what we are with our Mosin Vom Ferguson. FergusonK9 is definitely the place to go for quality puppies and quality service. They are very eager to offer their knowledge about German shepherds with us. We received our puppy in January and he is already so smart! He is already house broken and following simple verbal commands. From day one he has impressed us with his calm demeanor and willingness to learn. I promise, an investment in a fergusonk9 is one you will not regret!   EMILY G.... KENTUCKY
Very Satisfied
We are so happy that we found Ferguson K9! It took us a few weeks of researching before we found them, but we were so thrilled when we did. They are everything we were looking for in a breeder. They breed strictly from the German bloodline to preserve all the great qualities of the German Shepherd. You can read and watch videos about their dogs and their very impressive pedigrees on the website. I was also really impressed with their kennel and how nice of a set up they have for their puppies. They have really invested into making the puppies a nice place to live while they are with them. What I love most about Ferguson K9 though, is how easy and friendly they were to deal with. They are very professional but very down to earth and the same time. We brought all 4 of our kids (ages 2-8) to meet the puppies and they let us spend as much time as we wanted with them. I think we were there for at least 2 hours while they answered all our questions and let us play with the puppies. They also sent us home with the nicest puppy kit that including all the registration papers and pedigrees of the sire and dam, vet records, training info, etc. all put together in a very nice folder. They also gave us a sample of dog food, a puppy chew toy, a blanket with the mother's and litter's scent, and a German Shepherd protection/security sign to put in our window. Also, a couple weeks after we brought our puppy home, we got a very nice thank you card with photos of our puppy. They go above and beyond what the typical breeder does. It's obvious that they love their dogs and go through great lengths to make it a great experience for their puppies and their new families.  

Now, to describe the type of puppy you bring home: We chose "Orange Girl" who we named Layla and have had her for almost 4 weeks now. She's a beautiful sable with a strong build. She has the typical German Shepherd prey drive, ideal for protection training, but she's very well-balanced with a great temperament. We have a miniature schnauzer, who she's already passed up in size, and 4 bunnies. She loves to play and chase after them, but she's very obedient and practices great self-control with them and our young children. She's extremely smart and learns very quickly. She's highly motivated by her food, so we use her daily portions to train her. It took about 5 minutes (no exaggeration) for her to learn "sit." "Stay" and "Down" followed quickly after. We took her on a trip to Pet Smart where there were all kinds of new things and she was complimented on how well-behaved she was, especially for a puppy. We couldn't be happier with her and Ferguson K9!  AMANDA G. KENTUCKY
We are so thankful we found you all. He's a great dog and we all love him  DAY J...  NORTH CAROLINA
Recommend               Definitely
Satisfaction                Very Satisfied
This is my second pup from Ferguson K9 and both are amazing pups! Thank you!   
Btw our vet said that the quality of our dogs, are heads above any other breeder that they see in NE Ohio.  Huge compliment to you and your pups. She commented that they all look so happy too… SHERI B...  OHIO
Can't thank you enough! Our sweet little boy is so smart and well adjusted. We are blessed to have him in our life? Thank you! Thank you?!  Radar is growing everyday! He is the sweetest & happiest GSD we have ever seen. We can't thank you enough for this beautiful smart boy!  
Our dog Radar is truly exceptional. No doubt, the love and care he received from you put him on this path. Thank you for the sweetest and smartest pup ever!
Recommend              Definitely

Satisfaction               Very Satisfied
I have been looking for a good personal protection dog for just over a year and I have visited seven breeders that have a sales pitch and are in it for the cash. Our local Law Enforcement recommended Ferguson K9. The problem was Ferguson K9 was 6 plus hours away and that is a long drive, but not if it's the right breed. The phone calls and text messages was what I needed to make me comfortable to make the trip. After 6 1/2 hours I arrived at Ferguson K9 Kennels and was welcomed like a family member. We played with Rossie (10 month old female) and visited her parents and other K9's. Rossi is everything and more we talked and text about. After visiting Jamie and the kennel I would have driven 12 hours. Jamie is breeding, training and placing K9's from the heart! Don't second guess, visit them and see for your self.    ROBERT B...  NORTH CAROLINA

I want to thank Jamie S Ferguson who has a company called Ferguson K9 for breeding a great German Shepherd. I have always worked with German Shepherds my entire life and Gunny is a very smart and loving companion. Since my wife's death I hit rock bottom, but Gunny has lifted me up. Right now Gunny is in training for Search and Rescue.  TERRY V...  TENNESSEE

Recommend            Definitely

Satisfaction             Very Satisfied


It's been only four days since we received our SECOND FergusonK9 and we are so amazed! Saiga is a female from FergusonK9's most recent litter and at only 8 weeks old and four days at her new home, she's already more than halfway potty trained and obedient. She is so energetic but she is very well mannered and obedient already. She's learning a lot from our first shepherd from fergusonk9 and he is so patient with her. We are beyond pleased with both of our shepherds and wild recommend FergusonK9 to anyone!   Emily G...  Kentucky

Recommend          Definitely

Satisfaction           Very Satisfied


Very satisfied would recommend to anyone looking for a great German Shepherd Puppy!  RUSTY B... TENNESSEE

Gunner just got home from boot camp he is a very well mannered pup thank you RUSTY B... TENNESSEE

Recommend     Definitely

Satisfaction      Very Satisfied


I cannot express how happy I am with Ferguson K9. My puppy is beautiful, has strong build, and well behaved. By 9 weeks old he was potty trained, whining at the door to be let out and never once had an accident in the house. Hes almost 4 months old now. It took me ONE treat to teach him sit and stay, his intelligence is incredible. From the get go I knew I had a brave boy, as he is never timid or scared of anything since the day I got him - hes been to many houses, stores, and met many dogs. I could go on and on about how amazing and impressive his personality, intelligence and build is... but I want to move onto the breeder themselves. FK9 truly cares about their pups and it really is a special thing. They take the time to put together a book for you when you get your puppy, and they even take the time to send a thank you card that has your pup's baby pictures! I loved it, and the breeders for both of my very high quality ,champion bloodline Great Danes did nothing even close to this. I would def recommend my friends wanting a GSD to this breeder.   JESSICA E...  TEXAS

The kennel that is keeping 5 month old FK9 Bolvar vom Ferguson for his training just notified me that they have started using Bolvar to help train & evaluate other dogs and puppies. He's only been there for a this rate he will be on their employee payroll and they won't wanna give him back when he's done!! The trainers keep telling me "your breeder is definitely doing something right" Can't brag enough about the quality of this dog from you guys.  JESSICA E...  TEXAS

We have had our boy American Sniper for a few weeks now. I could go on forever about how wonderful this boy is. He is confident, driven, happy and has very solid nerves and an amazing temperament. We have 5 full grown GSD's and Sniper is fitting in very well. I am certain everything Jamie and her family did with these pups from day one along with his fantastic bloodlines has made him so amazing. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this drop dead gorgeous little boy! I was so impresses with Jamie from the day we started talking about little Sniper that I knew I had to have him and the 10 hour drive to get him was well worth it. TRACEY H...  CANADA

Recommend   Definitely

Satisfaction    Very Satisfied


My search for another GSD was extensive, taking to breeders from New Hampshire to Montana. I found FergusonK9 to be the type and character that satisfied my needs and concerns.

From the first conversation with Jamie, having seen (6wks.)the puppies and parents, the quality of these German Shepherds was/is outstanding.

Prowler is wonderful, intelligent, eager to learn and please. He is pleasure. His coloring is magnificent. He accompanies me everywhere, work shopping.

I have highly recommended Ferguson K9 to family and friends.  


Amazing breeders, amazing people. Can’t say enough amazing things about these dogs! Confident, gentle, and so amazing with children which is very important as 2 of my 1 year old sons best friends are German shepherds. We are so proud and lucky to have Gauge Vom Ferguson.  


Recommend     Definitely

Satisfaction      Very Satisfied


I searched different breeders for our German Shepherd puppy. I found that Ferguson K-9 is a outstanding breeder to get a puppy from. Jamie stays in constant contact with you. She has started a facebook page for all owners and future owners of her puppies. It is so nice to see the other dogs and ask questions. That being said---we are so absolutely happy with our girl Nyla. Not only is she beautiful, she has no fear of our adult male shepherd. She loves to take his toys and bones away. Then she attacks him when he tries to get them back. She also has a amazing off switch. All we have to do is go to her and she calms completely and just wants to be petted with the most innocent look on her face. She is so loving and gentle when she needs to be. I would definitely get another shepherd from Jamie. We also picked up Nyla from Ferguson k9 and they have a wonderful set up for the dogs and new puppies.  LAURIE P... INDIANA

Got my puppy Jax. He is an amazing puppy. Impresses us more every day. Top notch breeders.  STEVE C...  ILLINOIS

Everything is going good.  He's incredibly smart and very obedient already. The vet was very impressed with him.  He's really the best dog. I am beyond impressed with him.  BRANDON L ... OREGON

Thank you for letting us give him his forever home. He's sooo smart and loving. He's definitley our pride and joy and absolutley his mama's handsome baby. They were very impressed with him at his training school. They said he's such a confident boy and he is learning very quickly.  Once he gets the manners of obedience training then their going to evaluate him and see when they think he will be ready for protection training. He is going to follow in his dad's pawprints.


She's here and making herself known. She is already making every step my kids make. They're thrilled.

Koda has done great. She has adjusted so quickly to us and her surrounding.  Like she was ours all along.  No real learning curve with loving us. She's done well with the kids and the adults and the dogs.  


Thank you, lots of energy and naps! Great  CHARLES A... KENTUCKY