FK9 Puppy Process



We want to take this time to thank you for putting your trust in Ferguson K9.  We hope that you will love this puppy as much as we do. German Shepherds are the most loyal, protective, loving dogs that you will ever own.  We hope to make this transition as smooth as possible, so listed below is some things to consider before picking up your pup.


Take the flight details that you were provided to the cargo department of the airline. Bring along some special treats for your new puppy, as this will help the puppy warm up to you and lower their stress level.  Also, make sure you have water for the puppy and plenty of baby wipes.  He/She will be thirsty and need some cleaning up.  When they bring out your puppy, begin talking to him/her as soon as you approach the kennel. Call their name several times because they will be looking for familiar things and sounds. This is where the bonding and trust begins.  

Make sure you have your lead and collar ready for the puppy before opening the kennel door.  Once the lead goes on,  you now have a physical connection to your puppy. Travel affects dogs the same as people.  He/She will need time to adjust to the their new surroundings.  Spend as much time over the next few days as you can with your puppy, as he/she will need quality time with their new owner. 


It is very important, if you have other pets in the home, to introduce your new puppy gradually.  Some animals bond with each other right away and others need some warm up time.  Neutral territory tends to be a great place to begin this process.  It may take awhile before they get to the point where they really enjoy each others company.  Slow and careful is the best approach to introducing the "new kid” with lots of supervision.  It is possible for your new puppy to be confused about his/her new surroundings as they have not yet established loyalties or attachments.  Make sure you have them on a lead or in a fenced in yard while outside.  They will eventually realize that your home is now their new home, and they will love and protect it FOREVER.  


It is a good idea to let your new puppy eat in private until he gets familiar with his new home.   At Ferguson K9, we feed all of our puppies and adult dogs, Victor Grain Free Active Dog and Puppy.  Your puppy will come to you with a sample of this food.  It is not recommended to change his/her food at first, as they are already stressed from the big change in their life.  Table scraps are not recommended as well.  You can find a list of foods to NEVER allow your dog to consume at:


For the first two weeks concentrate on bonding with your new dog.  Do not try to work/train just focus on building a relationship.  Your dog does not know you or his new surroundings so help him get relaxed and comfortable.  As you should know German Shepherds require a lot of exercise and stimulation.  Please be as consistent as possible in your training sessions and keep them in short sessions, 15 minutes at a time.  Use a lot of positive motivation and rewards (food, toys, and/or verbal).  Work on only one thing at a time and follow by brake.  Your German Shepherd wants to please you, but you have to show them how.  Show them what you want by marking their good behavior with a positive reward.  NEVER be cruel or harsh by yelling or hitting  your dog.  KEEP IT POSITIVE.. Never demand, motivate them. Be consistent and always sound your commands the same way, do not yell, but be firm.  Do not beg your dog (please, etc). Once you sound a command, insist on completion (positively).  Never let it go unfinished and remember to use food or toy to motivate.  Do not run/jog or agility jumps with your new puppy until at least 6 months of age, it is detrimental to their joints.  Let them decide when and how long they want to run on their own.


Always remember that consistency is the key.  Take your dog out as soon as you get up in the morning and have a schedule during the day.  Praise them for doing their business and  never yell and or hit your dog for having an accident.  They will not understand what they done wrong and only be afraid of you.  Just calmly pick them up and take them outside and repeatedly praise them.  They will learn quickly what you want.