german shepherd puppies


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Ferguson K9 incorporates the Bio-Sensor Program into all of our litters.  This process was developed by the U.S. Military in the 1970's to improve performance of military dogs. This early neurological stimulation begins on day 3 through day 16.  The study, after years of research, has proven to give the puppies an early advantage that lasts a lifetime. To learn more about this program click here.   

We handle and stimulate our puppies on a daily basis because the above exercises are not a substitute for socialization and/or bonding. Once the puppies ears open up, we begin playing desensitizing sounds beginning at a low level and gradually increasing the volume to the actual sound. The puppies are exposed to sounds of dogs barking, crying babies, washing machines, fireworks, gun shots, heavy machinery, thunderstorms, etc.  This will help get them use to the sounds of the world that most dogs are very sensitive to.  This will help with, if not eliminate, the hiding under the bed every 4th of July or at the first sign of thunder.   

We have a custom built whelping box with play area. The whelping area will have pig rails until no longer needed.  The puppies are whelped in this area and will access to mom until weaned.  The play area is all about exploring and fun.  We will rotate different textures, toys and stimulating activities for the puppies to explore until they are ready for the play garden.  

The puppy play garden is geared strictly to the age of the puppy.  We expose them to our early socialization cube/adventure box around 3-4 weeks. This introduces them to sights, sounds, motion, and touch that they experience throughout their life.  Our garden will also be filled with a ball pit, teeter totter, small pool, tunnel, slide, bridge, mini dog walk, water bottle stimulation, small steps, playhouse, balls, tugs, flirt poles, music and so much more. Each puppy is introduced to these obstacles when age appropriate.

We also have a climate controlled whelping room with puppy cam, cameras on site monitored 24/7, agility areas that is geared toward the age/level of the Shepherd.  All of our breeding team has their  own heated/cooled room with doggy door giving them access to their own 50 ft exercise run.