Our Beginning

NIKE (Ochránce)

Nike, Jason and Sterlin

Dogs have always been a big part of our lives.    In 2004 we were given a German Shepherd puppy.  We named him Nike and he changed our lives forever.  Nike became the most loyal and loving dog EVER. He guarded our home and family with his life. He stayed close to our children watching out for them, always by their side. He had nerves of steel and was driven to protect. Sadly, he passed away and our hearts broke. We had an alarm, cameras, and a gated yard, yet we felt so vulnerable. HE was our security and suddenly our protection was gone. At that point, we decided that we NEVER wanted to be without a German Shepherd, and so began Ferguson K9.  We want other families to experience the love, loyalty, and protection of a German Shepherd.   We would love for all of you to be a part of our journey and enjoy our  Shepherds as much as we do.  Please check back with us and see the many FK9's to come.   We love and miss you Nike.  Forever in our hearts...